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Comments are sometimes used to document contracts in the design by contract approach to programming.

Depending on the intended audience of the code and other considerations, the level of detail and description may vary considerably.

For example, the following Java comment would be suitable in an introductory text designed to teach beginning programming:

This level of detail, however, would not be appropriate in the context of production code, or other situations involving experienced developers. Such rudimentary descriptions are inconsistent with the guideline: "Good comments ... clarify intent." [10] Further, for professional coding environments, the level of detail is ordinarily well-defined to meet a specific performance requirement defined by business operations. Wholesale Customized high Top Lace shoelace PU Men Casual Shoes Cheapest Cheap Online Clearance Enjoy 4P4PCa

There are many stylistic alternatives available when considering how comments should appear in source code. For larger projects involving a team of developers, comment styles are either agreed upon before a project starts, or evolve as a matter of convention or need as a project grows. Usually programmers prefer styles that are consistent, non-obstructive, easy to modify, and difficult to break. [30]

The following code fragments in C demonstrate just a tiny example of how comments can vary stylistically, while still conveying the same basic information:

Factors such as personal preference, flexibility of programming tools, and other considerations tend to influence the stylistic variants used in source code. For example, Variation Two might be disfavored among programmers who do not have source code editors that can automate the alignment and visual appearance of text in comments.

Software consultant and technology commentator Allen Holub [31] is one expert who advocates aligning the left edges of comments: [32]

The use of /* and */ as block comment delimiters was inherited from PL/I into the B programming language, the immediate predecessor of the C programming language. [33]

In this form, all the text from the ASCII characters // to the end of the line is ignored.

Different styles can be chosen for different areas of code, from individual lines to paragraphs, routines, files, and programs. If the syntax supports both line comments and block comments, one method is to use line comments only for minor comments (declarations, blocks and edits) and to use block comments to describe higher-level abstractions (functions, classes, files and modules).

Sometimes projects try to enforce rules like "one comment every ten lines". These kinds of rules can be counterproductive when too rigorous, but may provide a useful standard of measurement and consistency if the project participants deem it necessary.

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Monday, July 2

In the news:

By Emi Nakahara

October 24, 2017
11:00 pm

, Science Health

Healthy Campus Initiative launched Engage Well, a new area of focus that emphasizes building and maintaining social relationships for personal health and well-being. (Nick Kardan/Daily Bruin)



A new campus initiative aims to make students’ and faculty members’ social lives a priority for their health.

UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative launched Engage Well at a La Kretz Garden Pavilion event Tuesday to promote healthy social relationships and interaction. Engage Well is an area of focus, or pod, for providing projects, resources and events emphasizing the need for students to create and maintain social relationships and interactions for their physical health. About 50 people attended the event.

Wendy Slusser, associate vice provost of HCI, said the idea for the Engage Well pod came from research studies on how social relationships can impact physical health, such as increasing life expectancy.

Ted Robles, an associate professor of psychology and an Engage Well pod leader, said his research is focused on the impact social relationships have on physical health. He said healthy social relationships should be a public health priority at UCLA.

“Things like smoking and obesity are really important factors in one’s health,” Robles said. “And the effect of social relationships is equally as important.”

Social connections apply to other HCI pods, such as Eat Well and Move Well, which promote healthy nutrition and fitness options for students, Robles added. Future program ideas for Engage Well will also come from the students and faculty, he said.

Slusser said the event was held in conjunction with HCI’s celebration of National Food Day with the Eat Well pod.

“We purposely chose … to launch (today) … because food and social connections are intertwined,” said.

Slusser said UCLA student focus groups in an HCI-led research study said they thought food was a way to build community and positivity in a stressful college environment. For example, she added students in an HCI teaching kitchen program, which promotes healthy eating and cooking skills, felt more socially connected with their peers when learning to cook alongside them.

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a visiting professor from Brigham Young University and guest speaker at the event who researches social relationships and health, said scientific research has shown the importance of socializing.

“Social connections are seen as something only for emotional well-being,” she said. “But data suggests they have a powerful impact on our physical health, such as risk for diseases and even premature death.”

Social isolation is a growing health epidemic and can be as physically detrimental as smoking cigarettes, she added.

To find ideas for projects and resources combating social isolation, Slusser said Engage Well will host monthly meetings open to all students and faculty to discuss ways to improve and add to the initiative.

Rachel Tsao, a second-year psychobiology student who attended the event, said she thinks the Engage Well pod is a good addition to HCI because it takes a more holistic approach to well-being, rather than focusing on isolated aspects of health.

“It’s important to be healthy not only in your own mind and body, but in your relationships with others and knowing your social responsibilities,” she said.

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Science and health editor

Nakahara is the assistant news editor for the science and health beat. She was previously a contributor for the science and health beat.

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